Maya export Animation issue

Maya export Animation issue

Hi, I'm experiencing an odd issue while trying to get a couple of animations from Maya into Havok. I have the run animation off the havok demo model, which exports from Maya just fine. However, upon trying to export and use an animation my friend sent me for his own model, the animation plays slower than it should. I am unsure of what could be different between the two, as both play fine in the Preview tool. I have some "hitboxes" that I'm custom animating in Maya to follow certain paths around the character's body (these will not always follow limbs, which is why I have to animate them separately). I have included files which show how both of the animations show up in Maya and how the ball is synced to the hand exactly how I want it. However, when I Extract Motion from the animations as well as the hitbox animation, I get discrepancies in game. With the Havok-provided animation, everything works fine. For the one that I got from my just seems to be kind of following the right path but having a weird starting place or something. I have included the link to a video that shows the differences between these 2 in game. I've been working on this for awhile now and honestly have no idea what the differences here could be. I'm exporting both of these from Maya with the same filters and using the same code on them. One difference is that on the model my friend sent me, I do not use Transform Scene because for some reason it is already scaled correctly. Ignore the slightly desynced ragdoll in the running animation. I'm mostly just trying to show off how the hitbox matches the hand in one but not the other. I am at a loss and hopefully you can help me solve this issue!

edit: also as a note, this desync between model and hitboxes happens on other animations made by my friend as well, but not on the demo model.

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I have solved one of the issues! It actually seems really arbitrary, but the issue is that for some reason animations must start at frame 0 in the time slider in Maya or else the extracted motion and actual animation are off by a bit. I'm not really sure why. I extended the time slider to 0 and kept the "frame range 1-15" in the exporter, but now it works. Not really sure why that is there...I'm guessing it's a bug.

I still do not know why the animations made by my friend seem to be exporting at a different framerate, however. I do not want to use the playback speed to alter it. I want it to export easily like the first animation.

As a quick piggyback question: is it possible to extract motion on multiple animations and put it all in a single file? When I try to use multiple extract motion filters I get an error. If it isn't possible by defaults, it should still be possible by making my own filter, correct?

EDIT: The piggyback question still stands, but I figured out that I can get the animation to run at its correct speed by exporting at 60 fps from Maya

Hi Fiction,

For the frame range issue, you can set the frame range for the 'create animation' filter if the maya range does not start at zero. By default, if you don't specify a range it will pull all frames starting at zero.

For the framerate issue, is it possible your friend set the playback framerate in maya to a different value? It is possible this parameter in maya is not preserved when exported to Havok.

The extract motion filter is designed to work for all animations that had been previously created. You should be able to have a series of create animation filters followed by an extract motion filter in the filter manager. If that doesn't work for you, you could create an individual configuration for each animation in the filter manager, each with its own extract motion filter, and then click 'run all configurations'.

Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer

Thank you for your help! The extract motion information is especially helpful. As I've said in the previous post, I solved the playback issue by changing the fps in Maya to 60 fps (the fps that my game runs at).

I think you may be misunderstanding the issue I was having with the frame range. I had the frame range set to 1-15 in the Create Animation filter, with the time slider in Maya from 1-15. It was not working correctly, but upon changing the time slider to 0-15, and leaving the 1-15 in the Create Animation filter, I actually got different (and finally correct) results.

Yeah, it sounds like you're doing it correctly and there's a bug in the exporter or filters. It sounds like you have a serviceable workaround, though. Can you tell me which version of Havok you're using?

Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer

I am using hk2011_3_1_r1 according to my folders

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