Impulse/force on stacked resting objects

Impulse/force on stacked resting objects

Imagine five boxes with stacked on the ground, without anything external affecting it so it doesn't move at all: how can I get the impulse/force/<name?> that the box at the bottom of the stack is being affected by, from being pressed between the boxes and the ground? (The scenario is not specifically a group of stacked boxes, but rather the foot of a standing humanoid ragdoll.)

I've been using a custom class deriving from hkpContactListener which is set to that body, this class saves the m_contactPointProperties from the last hkpContactPointEvent via ::contactPointCallback. These properties holds a member m_impulseApplied which I've been using, but it's not very reliable - is this the best way to get the data I want, or is there some other way?



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