Problem with Havok math classes.

Problem with Havok math classes.

If I try to use any of the Havok math classes (hkMatrix4, hkTransform) as members of a class my software crashes when trying to use them. Ex.

class TestClass
    hkMatrix4    _t1;

    void test();

void TestClass::test()

void TestClass::test2()

   hkMatrix4    t2;

The above code will crash on test1 but not test2. Any one know whats going on here?



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Hi Keith P.--

What kind of crash are you getting? Do you have a callstack, an error mesage, or any log output? Also, what does the calling context look like? Is TestClass on the stack or the heap? Do you call these functions during static initialization, or after main() has been invoked? Finally, are you running a SIMD or non-SIMD build? Thanks!


This is definitely related to SIMD. I guess it pays to read the user manual. Cheers.

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