Links are broken-- Help Finding Tutorial ??

Links are broken-- Help Finding Tutorial ??

Hey-- am new && love the AppUp Program-- since the server re-build over the week-end though-- all the links are broken && wonder if ya'll could help me find a series of tutorials "HTML5 Game Development For AppUp- Part-1" by Bob_Duffy through"Part- Whatever" ( as far as it goes )... i was through the first one and into the second one when the links were broken and had it book marked but can't use those broken links to find it again. Found it on a google search but those links were broken && did a search on the intel AppUp search and got close ( after about 25 or 30 pages even though i did it by author ) but those links on the intel search are broken too. This is the Tutorial that focuses on building "AltMega Race" that is a free game on the AppUp store. Would be grateful for any reply at all && kind regards, mark-p. at ""

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Here's the file i was working with-- ( his code from the tutorial).


Downloadtext/plain canvas-test_TEXT.txt0 bytes

Here's an e-mail i tried to send-- but delivery failed:
Mark Pouncey
9:53 AM (6 minutes ago)
to Bob.Duffy ( just took a shot at the e-mail address.
Hey-- i don't know if this is going to reach Bob Duffy at Intel-- i am just taking a shot at it. I am trying to reach the author of the AppUp game "AltMega Race Win" because i was working through the tutorials "html5 Game Development for AppUp- Part 1 through Part...( didn't get that far )" before Intel did the server maintenance over the week-end and now even though i can find the title on a google search, that link is broken as are all of my older bookmark links to the AppUp Dev Program-- and i have just spent 5 solid hours trying to find those particular tutorials by name, author, relevance, and content on the site search-- no dice. You'd think if someone does a search by author-- that authors name would come up && same for title-- but no.
On the off-hand chance that this does reach Mr. Duffy-- would you be willing to drop me a quick note w/ a link to those particular tutorials ??, or would be grateful for any reply at all &&
kind regards, mark-p.

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Looks like we found each other on Twitter.
Pages appear to be up again

Access to final game:(Use HTML5 broswer, view source to get code)

Tutorial samples
Part 1:
Part 2a
Part 2b:

Hey Bob-- thank you so much for your help &&
kind regards, mark-p.

i think there were no broken link problems for the time being

well, in fact have many links brokend

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Hi, XDK game is excellent enviroment development.

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