HMTL5 support for Windows XP Embedded systems

HMTL5 support for Windows XP Embedded systems

Hi all,

Could you please let me know whether html5 is supported in Windows XP Embedded OS applications?


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Not sure if I understand your question.

do you mean if you can wrap up your html5 app using Intel AppUp encapsulator and runs on WinXP embeded?
if so, please post the question at:

If you are asking if the IE on winxp embeded supports HTML5, it's probably not as good. The IE9 does not support WinXP.


HTML5 es compatible siempre y cuando los exploradores esten actualizados, ya que en las verciones viejas como IE6 es poco compatible pero siempre hay uno que otro framework que te ayude, como modernizr. saludos.

As far as I know only Zetakey offers Webkit-based HTML5 browser solution for Windows CE 6.0 and Windows mobile, you can get it here:

Hi, HTML5 is a protocol, that is transparent for the OS.

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