Intel(R) HTML5 Development Environment Instructions

Intel(R) HTML5 Development Environment Instructions

Hello HTML5 Developers:

We have completed the transition from the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta (“Beta Site”) to the new App Dev Center website where you can find the Intel® XDK and other newly acquired HTML5 development tools. The Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta site has been closed, effective on March 31, 2013.

Use the section of this guide titled "Steps for using the Intel® XDK and App Dev Center" for help importing existing HTML5 apps into the new Intel® XDK and App Dev Center (the first section of the article do not apply,

To download, register and use the new Intel HTML5 Development Environment tools, please start here:

At this time, all issues related to the new Intel® XDK tool are being addressed on the following forum:

Please note that these Release Notes and Known Issues articles refer to the old Beta tool and no longer apply. They will be replaced with updated and correct articles.

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There's a short article that outlines the first steps you need to take, and accounts I recommend you setup at or just browse over to the Blog tab at

Just got here. looks very interesting. I have quite a bit of experience w/ C9 and am most interested in the C9->phonegap->emulator experience. This is the primary reason I am here.

Looking forward to learning more about your setup here and plans for improveing the online dev experience.


I'm still waiting my application (to be a beta tester) to be approved.

Sorry I did not check this posting earlier. Please let me know if you still have not got approved email.


How long does it take to get approved to use the Intel(R) HTML5 Development Environment?   

It took about one day.


Hai. Nice to know about HTML5 Development Environment on cloud based from Intel, and i see this tools required Chrome browser, how about mozilla firefox browser ? does this application support to use with firefox ?

thanks, correct me if iam wrong ^_^

Hello Rizky,

Sorry for the long delay in response, did not notice this thread had been added to. 

The HTML5 Development Environment actually will run under Safari and Firefox, as well as Chrome (it does not currently support IE). However, the emulation tool only works with Chrome. So you can use other parts without any problems, but if you try to use the Emulator it may not work properly under another browser.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for reply. yeah now i use the HTML5 app (XDK) from intel with Google Chrome. so smooth and clean. keep it update. and next let explore this app first ^_^ Thanks 

looking very impressive news.

i need the first steps to use the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment please :)

This page is a good page to help you get started with the new tools:


Mohamed Ali A. wrote:

i need the first steps to use the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment please :)

visit the above link and the followthe steps there in to start with..

very great forum :)

Mr. Ali: Just go one our mentioned link Your will get more information about it. Thanks

Really Very impressive thing.

i heard lot of benefit with using html5, im gonna start now

It is quite informative, Hope i can re-arrange my content, originally build on swf and a loader exe, suitable for intel store off browser application with standalone player

Good day, I want to know if is possible make websocket with this IDE

Your ability to use websockets is a function of the "webview" on the target platform. This means, the capabilities of the "stock" or "native" browser that is supplied with the device. Add-on browsers (such as FireFox, Chrome or Opera do not impact the feature support of the "webview"). 

For example, see and you will see that "Android Browser" does not support websockets, but "Chrome for Android" does support websockets. This means, unfortunately, that a hybrid HTML5 app for Android will not support websockets, unless you create a plugin that provides that support. (Note that iOS 6+ and BB10 do support websockets).

This is an unfortunate aspect the way that hybrid HTML5 apps work. You don't get the browser updates working for you when you build an HTML5 hybrid app.

From the perspective of the XDK, any JS code that you can use in a standard browser will normally work inside the XDK. The XDK provides a set of simulated APIs to make it easy to debug device-specific features in a desktop browser.

Hey,I insstalled XDK NEW on my Ubuntu 12.10 machine.The site automatically selected a package and i downloaded that.However the setup refuses it saying the version is incorrect for my machine.Any suggestions why this happens?It has happened multiple times now.

Thanks Paul for your useful article.

Excellent space to interacting with others persons and improve our know!

i downloaded Intel HTML5 Development Environment tools and it is working fine but i want this app for my apple laptop please help me to find the download link for apple enviorment

Manoj Sharma

Go to with your Mac and it should present you with the link to download and install on your Mac.

thank you Paul for this article, i gonna download the new Intel HTML5 Development Environment tools 

Thanks Paul , i feel interested

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