HTML5 vc WPF (XAML) Application in Ultrabook

HTML5 vc WPF (XAML) Application in Ultrabook

Hello, I'm beggining a project for Ultrabook.

And I have to decide between HTML5 or a native Windows Presentation development.

Anybody could help me to decide what way to follow?

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Here is some differences on HTML5 and XML:
1) easier to be ported to support other platforms.
2) lots of open-source libs available: jQuery, jQuery mobile, twitter bootstrap, html5 boilerplate etc.
3) WinJS is also easy to use but it supports Windows 8.
4) it could be slow if you have lots of calculation in the app
5) because you only want to support Ultra book, so you can use VS2012 express edition (free) for debugging/testing. it is pretty good. VS2012 supports jQuery intellisence.

1) you can still choose C# or C++
2) the only tool work with it is VS2012. The express edition is fine and can be used for debugging/testing.
3) the library is the WinRT, but there are lots of samples from msdn that can be used.
4) The only problem is if you want to port it later, it will take more time.


But when we talk about feature and easy way to develop and deploy, what's the best way?

Thanks anyway.


I'm guessing that the "features" you're talking about are WinRT features.
As I know that on Win8, not all the WinRT features are available in WinJS. It is one step easier to use those features in the C++ than HTML5 JavaScript. For JavaScript use, you have to create a component dll to expose those features. I'm not sure what features are not in WinJS though, you may find it from msdn.

For deployment: it is similar for both C++ and HTML5.

I found the same question on msdn as well:


The advantage of WPF project type is that you have many templates ready to use in VS2012.

But thanks, you've lighted me.


VS2012 also offered some templates for HTML5. It is under "JavaScript" language though. If you select "online templates from the "Project Wizard", you can even find more templates for both HTML5(JavaScript) and C++/C#.


Now a days I have a software written in C#, using framework 4.0 (win32).
Could I modify this software to explore Ultrabook features?


future cum extendable projects handy with HTML5

Hi, for this case I don't know nothing about this theme, thanks for comment this post I learned some about XAML

JudLup Luna


Comparative to html,Xaml is powerful. if you are interested , I can send a an ebook regarding thess languages, so it would be easy for the development.

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