"Leave this page" on Emulator screen...

"Leave this page" on Emulator screen...

Each trime I am through working with the Emulator page (launched from C9), I click to close the tab/window and see the "Are you shure yo uwant to leave this page?" dialog.

I understand this can prevent folks losing important data, but it's likely not an issue on this screen, right? 

I suggest two possible options:
- remove the onclose checking completely
- add a "close" button to the UI that allows users to close the tab/screen w/o the extra dialog


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Hi Mike,

The logic behind this warning is that it's easy to close a browser tab by mistake, and in doing so end your emulation session. This can be a pretty painful mistake, as you could be in the debugger and have invested a lot of time getting a specific test situation set up (breakpoints, watchpoints etc.). It's a little like the way that Internet Explorer asks you when you click "close" whether you want to close the current tag or *all* the tabs. I can see that you might want a "really close" button that just exits with no backtalk. I'll look into that.


yep, as i mentioned in my comment, i understand the thinking behind the use of the onclose event, just wasn't clear on the actual *loss* potential on that screen.

i'll do some debugger testing and see if that convinces me that your current design is best.


Hi, if doesn't leave, you can force to exit with task manager.

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