Hybrids apps

Hybrids apps

Good day, I wonder who I can work with web programming (jsp, ajax, html5) on the costs of data between pages and communicating with the server. also in the creation of web applications with scalability and platform

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Buen día, quisiera saber quien me puede colaborar con programacion web (jsp, ajax, html5) en la parte de envio de datos entre paginas y la comunicación con el servidor. tambien en la creacion de aplicaciones web con escalabilidad y multiplataforma

HTML5 offers local storage, and web SQL storage. those mechanisms can be used for data communication between pages. We have one sample for local storage, and one sample for web SQL storage. 

As for saving data to server, JQuery offers AJAX APIs to do that: http://www.phpeveryday.com/articles/jQuery-AJAX,-Passing-Data-to-Server-... 


Sorry, but your question is not that clear, and I do not speak Spanish. :-( Are you asking for a referral for help to create an application that interacts with a server? Or are you asking a more general question of how to create a web app that interacts with a server?

Hi Paul,

I want to learn make apps that interacts with server that  this allow send information into pages of dynamic way.

There are many ways that an app can interact with a server. In general, how you will interact with the server depends on the published API or interface. At the lowest level that interface will likely be a "REST" interface that is accessed using HTTP requests. If you search for "REST" or "RESTful" interfaces you will find many articles on the subject.

In some cases a JavaScript library has been written that hides the basic HTTP calls, and is generally the easier way to interact with the server, if you are writing a web app using HTML5 tools (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). As an example, see the Google Maps API (https://developers.google.com/maps/faq#whatis) as just one of many web-based services that you can use to build an appl.

Hope that helps.

A good place to start is to look into http://backbonejs.org which provides your HTML/JS application with a propper MVC structure, as a bonus the models can be easily persisted on the server or in the local HTML5 WebSQL database:


If you want to minimize requests between server and client, you can look into socket based communication:

hybrid applications always costs complication

you need to incorporate php in the server side

php server side, may you explain more clearly

Thanks everybody for your suggestions.

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