New device types - emulator

New device types - emulator

Hi, I see the emulator has half dozen devices, but I'd like to test on the new BlackBerry Z10, which has a resolution of 1280x768. How can I add new devices? Is this customizable?


Paulo Garcia

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Hello Paulo,

The resolutions displayed by the emulator are not customizable at this time. I'll make the development team aware of your request. Also, raw resolution and rendered resolution can vary on mobile devices, which is an aspect that is not dealt with very well by the emulator at this time. See this section "Cross-platform Screen Resolution" of the emulator documentation for more information. I believe the BB Z10 has a real to virtual pixel ratio of 2.24 (see this article for more information). If this ratio is correct, you can simulate what you see on a Z10 using a resolution of approximately 570 x 340 (which, unfortunately, is also not supported by the emulator).

The emulator works best for simulating device-specific features, such as access to the GPS, compass and accelerometer. To get a sense of how your application might appear on the display, you can use the preview on device feature or the preview in browser feature (right-click your index.html file). If you preview in the browser, detach the browser tab into a new window and resize accordingly (Chrome Dev Tools provide some features to resize your window or you might check one of the many Chrome extensions that will do this for you). 

Remember to consider that the real to virtual pixel ratio on your monitor is 1:1. So take into account the ratio for the device you are testing for to figure out the virtual device size and then resize your browser window according to that virtual size for a more accurate preview.


The next version of the device emulator implements the concept of a "custom device", where you can specify the dimensions in (CSS) pixels. This would allow you to create a simulation whose dimensions match this (or any) specific device.

Awesome explanation and thanks for the heads up about the upcoming version. I also see that I can use, indirectly, the original Ripple as well while the new version is not available.



can you tell me when the next version of the device emulator will be available ?

emulator with custom devices will do more in development.


Mohamed Ali A. wrote:

can you tell me when the next version of the device emulator will be available ?

Unfortunately, we do not release roadmaps or make promises on when work that is in progress will be released. Best I can tell you is that improvements to the emulator are in process and new releases will occur over the course of this year and next, as soon as new features become available. Because the XDK is largely a cloud-based tool, these releases will happen automatically each time you use the tool.

I know that doesn't help you much anticipating when to look for updates, but that's about all I can say...

Hi, the resolution of z10 is 1280 x 768.

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