Future of Intel's HTML5 development tools

Future of Intel's HTML5 development tools

I'm director of Scirra Ltd, developing the popular HTML5 game creation tool Construct 2. I was interested to see that Intel has acquired appMobi's tools including directCanvas.

I've got some things I'd like to discuss with someone at Intel about the future of these tools. Could I possibly start a conversation with someone by email?


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Certainly. I'll contact you directly and help you figure out who is the right person to have a conversation with.

You may post youe email to intel in this regard

I believe that you may find the information at the following link usefull to you http://software.intel.com/en-us/contact/

Thanks but we sorted this out back in February.

Thanks but we sorted this out back in February.

Well Mr. Ashley I wanted to convey a information to you through this forum.

Our students  at University College Nagercoil using your software  construct 2 .

for your reference we have uploaded one of such game developed with construct 2 by our student. You can visit that by clicking the following

ucentp.in/innovations/software/ant_smash/game.html (copy and paste in ur browser)


Hi, HTML5 is the future of our lives, and this improve all life everyday of each person on the world,

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