DirectCanvas project exported by Scirra Construct2 cannot loading

DirectCanvas project exported by Scirra Construct2 cannot loading

Hi, I am a user from Construct2, the HTML5 game engine.

I've used intel/appmobi XDK for long time, it's the best HTML5 app tool so far.

recently the directcanvas projects exported from Construct2 were fail to loading as I posted on Scirra's Official Forum:

Will there be anyone can help us? Thanks.

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after the acquision of appmobi by intel constuct2 unable to keep pace with appmobi in terms such as export

i need some tutorials to begin developing with construct 2 please !!

Since, construct2 is not a brand or product associated with Intel, it wil not be good if we discuss about construct 2 tutorials this in this forum.

Building Construct2 project using regular Android build.  Apparently Crosswalk will not work with Google API's.  Should I be building my project as a web app only?  I get the Google sign in screen when my app loads but they won't sign me in.  I have a web app client Id and an Android client Id set up in the Google Play console, both linked to my project.  Which one should I target with my build or do I just run it from a web page?

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