ImpactJS Royalty

ImpactJS Royalty

I can't understand. Is utilization of ImpactJS is now royalty free or how is it? Can I create HTML5 product using DirectCanvas + ImpactJS and load it to the markets? Are there are any license-like limitations? If utilization of ImpactJS is not royalty free, what about utilization of DirectCanvas alone (with some mine and third-party libraries)?

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Hello Victor,

Referring to ImpactJS web site, you have to pay to use it. I think, even, that there is no a trial version

In an other hand, I advice you to take a look on the construct2 framework developped by scirra (it's an interesting HTML game creator designed specifically for 2D games.)

There is two version: a free one (limited in some specifications), and a shareware version... But the free version is enough and you can create an amazing games. Besides that, the web site contains many tutorials and an active community!

Could this help you!

you'll have to pay for it for sure, licenses are:

one other detail you may want to know is that you need to pay per developer. so if 3 people where working at your project you'd need 3 licences which would result in about $300 as costs

Hi Victor P,

ImpactJS is not free, so i think that EaselJS is the best solution for you because it provides straight forward solutions for working with rich graphics and interactivity with HTML5 Canvas.

what about a shared license

Thanks guys for explain

Hi, XDK appmobi is also a good option for game developer.

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