Starting HTML5 for beginners

Starting HTML5 for beginners

Its simple to startup with HTML5

step1: go to the link

step2: click on create a new app(remember that you dont need to have any programming skills to do it)

step3: you will be given with pre designed templates and all you need is to use your creativity to select appropriate designs

step4: at the end you have to save the app u designed

step5: now you wil receive an email with a link where you download the intel html5 XDK(use chrome browser)

step6 the same email contains a username and pass word which used to login through intel html5 xdk to preview(test) the app you created in step2

step7: now you can login to your intel html5 xdk to start with new app

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thanks man for this post


now and after following this post i can start using HTML5 thanks 

if it was useful then ok.

Works for me, thx 

Hi. I've been playing around with this and I can't seem to get the standard html 5 audio tag to work.  The browser specific controls show, but the volumn is always set to muted. 


Mr. Stephen I have briefed the HTML% audio tag in an another post in the same forum. I request you to look at that. Even then problem persists revert me with code you worked out. I am happy to help with

please can you give us the link to thr html audio tag because i have the same problem than Mr stephen

Thnx Pornam, you made it so easy...

You are welcome Mark...

thankyou. i have just installed chrome extension.

cool, you make it easy


     Hope we can change our swfs, suitable for Intel App store, Advice the conversion process

Mr. Keeriyat,

Please make your application as a .msi that is as a installer one. In this installer you can combine all files including .swfs and .exe as installable one. Since .msi applications are allowed on Intel submission you can try this. This .msi creation will take hardly less than a minutes (Even on a Intel Pentium III System)

Thanks. Is there any standalone version availbe?

good input!

Thank you very much for the info..Let me get started

Thanks you guys. feel free to reach me for any clarifications..

You can see HTML5 tutorial is a tutorial for beginners in plain Engish. or do job for html5 with the help of

Thank you so much indeed helpful 

Hi friend! nice  info! 

brief and useful! thanks this book also provides good knowledge

Thank you very much sir

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