How I can create a app with intel framework and phonegap

How I can create a app with intel framework and phonegap

Hi everyone

I had created my entire application using the framework of intel with their roles, resources. I thought the great framework.

In the end, I came across a barrier. I have a form where one hits a photo or choose from gallery and send a message with this photo. Turns out my webservice today does not allow file uploads. So I have to send a string (base64) for the server.

Had already done so in another app that used only with phonegap and the zepto js, which I thought was super simple, requiring only a parameter. I tried to do the same without using phonegap, but without success.

I tried to use canvas to convert, but always gave javascript error, tried to use a library that is where php.js would use file_get_contents + base64_encode but also gave error. I'm a little lost, trying for four days to make it work, but without success. So I'm thinking about using phonegap with the intel app framework, only the function of the camera, but it is a question: How do I do that?

So I have some questions and hope you can help me.

1 - The intel app framework really has no function that I can use to convert an image into a string (either at the time of capture of the camera or taking an img element by id)?
2 - How would my script call for ondeviceready? I have one of phonegap and the AppMobi.device.ready? Or would one inside the other? Would you like an example
3 - In part of libs, I need to read some additional lib, as cordova.jar that comes in the download package?
4 - How I could see inside the XDK emulator phonegap functions work? Is it possible?
5 - How do I generate the apk, still using the XDK build or would use the phonegap build?
6 - If the apk has to be generated using the phonegap build, I would have to copy the folder inside my app the 2 javascripts that are called via the url localhost?

Leveraging other 2 questions about the XDK itself.
1 - What is the xhr.js?
2 - What is the xpromo.js?

Since I thank you for all the help they can reply this topic.

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Hi Paulo, I believe these questions have been addressed in another thread:

Hi, Phonegap it's a universal converter tool between the development language .

JudLup Luna

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