Problem with ghostclick

Problem with ghostclick

Hi everyone

I have done my application using Intel App Framework build and did the same.

It turns out that every link or button that I click, is getting a yellow rectangle on top, before performing the redirect. Is also having a bit of lag.

I'm not using any javascript to more than the standard framework. The only thing I would have different is that my app has many pictures. For each menu, an icon. However, all images are converted to base64 strings. There is no physical image.

Can anyone help me to eliminate this problem?

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No idea what is causing this, does not make sense to me. I believe you've asked this question in this thread as well:

Mr. Paulo,

Is it possible for you to share the snippets or results so I can reproduce the error you got.

and Can you tried the same in any other HTML5 compatible recent browsers ??

Hi Paulo, you can use Your Unistaller Software for clean registry.

maybe you can try sysinternalsuite, or try again later. :D

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