Publishing to Apple App Store

Publishing to Apple App Store

I'm a newby to this development platform, so please forgive if this question is simple. I have enough HTML5/js skills to create a useful app. I'm assuming the Intel App framework will assist in my goal of releasing an app to Android and iOS, but I can't find any resources that explain how I publish a HTML5/js application to Apple's App Store? There's lots on the specifics of making particular code work, or how to achieve certain functionality on platform a or b, but no high level guide on how to take some code and resources, and package them for sale on Apple's App Store. Any guidance appreciated, thanks.

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I'll let the Intel Group give you some specifics on how to push to the App Store though a heads-up that ended up taking some time on our end (and a few headscratches at first). Make sure you sign up for the iOS program on the Apple site to get your developpers' keys. Until you have your account setup with them, you will not be able to push to the store or easily share your app for testing.



Hello Ed, you need to become an iOS developer and get your developer key from Apple before you can publish to the Apple store. I believe the current fee from Apple is $99/year. Note that this not something that Intel can do for you, we are not able to act as a middle man to make this part of the job easier -- Apple wants you to deal directly with them to become an Apple iOS developer. Once you are an authorized iOS developer and you have your developer key you can provide it to the Intel XDK build system so that signed apps can be created. Without that, we cannot build for you a signed app.

Hai Paul Fischer

I would like to know, Whether Intel App store supports Swf files, we made e learning application by using Adobe flash swfs and a central loader exe, kindly advice me , How it can be converted for App store by using HTML5

hey keeriyat i got one idea and its simple. You just make your application as .msi that is installer App . then you do not worry for these problem. if you dont hav idea about .msi making knock me.

Hello Keeriyat, I am unsure what the requirements are for the Intel App store executables. Daniel may know that answer, I'll see if I can get him to answer your question. Paul

Hi keeriyat.  

Here are the requirements for submitting an application to the Intel AppUp Center. 

Hi, you should pay i believe 99 usd to upload your app on app store


Firstly you must get an ios developer account, as it is important for the building process in the intel xdk.

And keep In mind that you need to have mac to upload the built files. It takes about a week
For the certiication process.


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