Video Streaming and Audio Streaming in HTML 5

Video Streaming and Audio Streaming in HTML 5

Good Day All 

i am playing videos and mp3 music using tested it with VS and videos were playing nicely and also mp3. i have mp3's on must server and in the app i have a link so when playing it will stream. i added the project to XDK and tested on the Emulator and it looked good. i built the app and for Android to check on my tablet 10.1 Tab Samsung which has Android 4.0.4 and  

Current App : JoshuaMaponga
Current Release : 4.0.0
Platform : Android
Device : Android 4.2
Apps in Development : 11

i have the following Questions and Problem

1) After i install this app on my tablet, i see the Splash-screen and after that the app shows a  blank screen not my app.

2) Second Issue is that the audio and Videos dont play at all.

is there something like fidler that is used in mobile to check this behavior.  





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Hi my friend! is very nice your contribution!

Are you using index.html as your main screen? I had this issue because of link mismatch.  I think upper case and lowercase matters..

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