I have publishe a HTML5 mobile phone application  built using INTEL XDK new. For the first time after installation on my android 4.0.1 phone , it works well though not picking some images. On subsequent launching of the app. it fails and gives the following error:http://localhost:58888/IXAv6wENfskhI3WAxzIeuRKLZ2x8........................
What might be the cause? please help.

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Any fellow Intel XDK developer or expert to help me please.

Did you try building the app and reinstalling it again? Make sure you delete the old app before you install it again.

Does it work with App Preview?

Thank you fellows for your piece of advice over my Html5 App. problem. I have done as you suggested and it is now working well in my phone. Thank you again.

Many times it can be problem like yours but as per my experience, if you switch off your cell phone and restart it, your issue is solved there.

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