Appcereator Titanium

Appcereator Titanium

I want to port a Appcelerator Titanium application to Intel XDK New. has anyone successfully done this yet? any help would be appreciated. All attempts have failed as of yet.

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Appcelerator Titanium is not really an HTML5 dev environment (although it is possible to use it that way). It's really more of an alternative to using C# and Objective C and Java by using JavaScript as your programming language. They then provide a host of APIs that cover not just device access but also GUI elements programmatically.

The Intel XDK is used to create HTML5 apps using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Where you use HTML and CSS to create the UI elements and JavaScript to handle events associated with those UI elements, just like you do in a browser, and to call device APIs for access to data and sensors on the device.

In order to convert from Appcelerator Titanium you will have to pull out the UI parts of your code and redo them as HTML/CSS. Those parts of your code that access device features (such as sensors and local data on the device) will have to be rewritten to use either the Cordova API or the Intel XDK API (or both).

I do appreciate the input. I guess I thought I was in the Objective C to html5 beta forum. Sorry...

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