HTML5 Build app isseu in XDK

HTML5 Build app isseu in XDK



I'm very new with Intel XDK.

I have an HTML5 project that is working fine at PCs.

I am trying to make an android app with it.

But in XDK Build tab, i cannot see BUILD NOW button?

What is the reason? Can anybody help me?



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Here is documentation for building Android app using Intel XDK, hopefully this will help:

Hi Rakshith

Thank you so much for you answer.

I had read that gudie too many times.

I follow all those ways adnd everything goes fine (all tabs are green).

Bu at the final step The green "Build App Now" button doesn't appear.

I can use emulator successfully, but cannot get apk file..

Do I have to connect an android device during this proccess?

(because i dont have and android device, i am trying to send apk file to my firend and install his device for testing my app)

If i have to (i have and android 2.0 versin device) does it need a min version?


Btw, i am so sory for my poor english :(

Can anybody help me? :(

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