Intel Media SDK AAC Encoder - cannot encode AAC HE or 5.1 (6 channels)

Intel Media SDK AAC Encoder - cannot encode AAC HE or 5.1 (6 channels)


I've downloaded and trying to use the Intel Media AAC Audio Encoder. The AAC encoder and decoder works great with Low Complexity profile in stereo mode. However if I try to set HE profile the produced AAC plays with clicks and pops. The effect is the same if I set the number of channels > 2.

Here is how I setup the AAC Encoder:

                // Configure audio encoder parameters
                MFXAParam.mfx.CodecId = MFX_CODEC_AAC;
                MFXAParam.mfx.CodecProfile = MFX_PROFILE_AAC_HE;
                MFXAParam.mfx.BitPerSample = 16;
                MFXAParam.mfx.NumChannel = 2;
                MFXAParam.mfx.SampleFrequency = 48000;
                MFXAParam.mfx.Bitrate = 96000;
                MFXAParam.mfx.OutputFormat = MFX_AUDIO_AAC_ADTS;
                MFXAParam.mfx.StereoMode = MFX_AUDIO_AAC_LR_STEREO;

The Query and initialization function returns no error on these parameters. The encoding passes without any problems, but the resulting AAC file has clicks. If I change the  CodecProfile to MFX_PROFILE_AAC_LC, everything works perfectly.

The same issue appears if I try setting the NumChannels to 6 (for 5.1) - even in MFX_PROFILE_AAC_LC again the produced AAC has clicks.

I'm using libmfxaudiosw32.dll - from media_audio_6.0.0.1.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Looks I have posted into the wrong "Setup" folder. Please refer to the re-post in the "Media" folder.

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