INDE install, Java and Visual Studio 2015 Community edition

INDE install, Java and Visual Studio 2015 Community edition


I'm trying to install INDE Professional edition on Windows 7 64 bit and have the following problems.

  1. It does not recognize the 64 bit JDK I have installed.

    1. JAVA_HOME is set to D:\JDK64
    2. $JAVA_HOME\bin is on the system path
    3. I have also tried setting JAVA_HOME to d:\JDK64\JRE and again added $JAVA_HOME\bin to the environment
  2. Visual Studio 2015 Community is installed and the environment as set by the vcvarsall.bat in the $VisualStudio\VC is in effect.
  3. I expect that there will also be a problem once the visual studio plugin is willing to install as then you will want the java environment setup for both a 64 bit and a 32 bit SDK.  So, preemptively, how would I deal with this?

I set the environment for Java and Visual Studio in a cmd shell and then invoked the installer.  The reason is I switch between different JDKs and versions of visual studio during my development.

Are you looking in the registry for anything related to VS2015 or the JRE?


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Hello Macro,

Are you planning to develop Android applications using Visual Studio 2015? (I ask since you referred to the JRE). 

As from VS2015, Microsoft has integrated Android development capabilities. These capabilities were missing in previous versions of VS2015 which is why you needed to integrate INDE. We mentioned that on our IDE Integration page:

Obviously, you can still use VS2015 to use all other other features of Intel INDE, like Media for Mobile, context sensing, etc.

Regarding the Java, there are a few things you need to know: It is okay to have various architectures of the JRE/JDK and you can even have multiple version of Java of a particular architecture. Your system will pick whatever Java it finds first on the system path. 

However, the above is not relevant in the context of the VS plugin to which you referred in point (3), as Intel IDE does not plug into VS 2015.

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