INDE Installation problem with Window 10

INDE Installation problem with Window 10


I have "w_inde_2015.2.027.exe" file that I'm trying to install in Window 10 with Window 8 Compatibility. But, nothing happening.

I'm not able to install it. Nothing happening when I'm trying to install with this .exe file.

Please help.

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Hello Jatan,

Based on the filename, it seems that you have downloaded the Intel INDE Starter Edition. However, it should work without issues on Windows 10. I have just tried the installation on a fresh Windows 10 machine and the installation was successful. You do not even need to install in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

When you say nothing is happening, do you mean that you open the installer and no windows appear?

Can you try opening the installer as an Administrator? (Right click, Run as Administrator) 

During the installation, INDE will ask you in which IDE it should integrate. Note that INDE will integrate in Visual Studio version before 2015 and any version of Android Studio. 

Let me know how the installation process goes.



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