Universal open-source automation starts to raise academic interest

Universal open-source automation starts to raise academic interest


I would like to deeper understand Intel's take on academic world. I personally see common interests in future mobile and even more to the embedded development including multi-core and parallel programming, because of the opened possibilities that our R&D happened to discover.

We discovered very practical way to make universal open-source software development automation and are about to polish it into mainstream practical way to develop software applications and their back-end systems.

We have relatively recently established ongoing dialogue with research programs and universities in Finland and are expecting more interest to raise as we start to make concrete progress.

As this discovery is completely open-source and applies to all platforms and languages equally, I am wondering which party of Intel's might be best suited for contact.

Both apply alike; academic world is basically all-open-source as well.

Any advice appreciated.

Kalle Launiala
Citrus Solutions Oy

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