Legal Question

Legal Question

I am participating in MTL and I want ask you would you mind if I used the materials with graphics to promode new solutions and opportunities for learning at the University. I can put on the website a lot of information about graphic, for example graphic about the Intel Academic Community. Do you think it is a good idea ? Is it legal ?

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Not too sure what you mean by a graphic - Intel does NOT approve the use of any Intel related graphic/logoon 3rd party sites. But you certainly can add links to the Intel Manycore Testing Labsite and/or theIntel Academic community website within your own publicationsor web pages. We strongly encourage this use to help build a strongercommunity.

My apologies for not seeing this earlier. If you would like to use an Intel graphic in your materials, or to promote a course referencing any Intel Tools or Services that you use, please send me an example of what you propose to put up. Once I better understand what you are proposing I can let you know if it's legal, help get legal approval from Intelif appropriate, or give you other ideas to better share your involvement in the program. Thanks! Jen

Jennifer Teal Levine
Intel Academic Community Marketing

Intel Academic Community Marketing

Hi Jennifer, Could be a good idea a creative commonslicense for these materials?

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