How to get high marks on your Microgrant Award submission

How to get high marks on your Microgrant Award submission

A number of entries we received for Round 1 of the Academic Community Microgrant Awards for Parallelism in the Classroom described interesting projects, however, the supporting information was not complete enough for us to judge them highly. If youfeel this might describe your submission, we encourage you to revise and resubmit.If youhaven't yet submitted, now's your chance to apply for somesupport.

When submiting an updated or new entry pleasetry to specifically address the following topics (as outlined in the contest Rules, Terms & Conditions and contest FAQ documents):

Describe the complete contents of the proposed course material (that is, lecture slides, a written description of lab example, serial and parallel source code, etc.) that would be submitted to the Intel Academic Community Educational Exchange;

Explain how the proposed material presented will help advance the teaching of parallelism to your students and students around the world;

Give details about how any awarded monies will be spent, especially how you (or your sponsor) will implement the proposed content when it is completed.

In addition, remember to keep in mind the judging criteria that will be used in grading the microgrant submissions:

(a) Content Relevance- Practical application, addressing critical gaps, alignment to textbooks.

(b) Intel Alignment- Use of Intel Software Development Products, the Intel Manycore Testing Lab, Models/APIs.

(c) Originality- Teaching Methodology, innovative implementation, novel approaches to existing materials/challenges.

For information on the winners of Round 1 you can visit the Award Recipients page. We are looking forward to this newround of grantsand seeing all the greatsubmissions from academicianswho are as passionate about parallel computing education as we are!

Good luck!

The Academic Community Team

Intel Academic Community Marketing
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