Microgrant Award Winners!

Microgrant Award Winners!

Congratulations to ourMicrogrant Award Winners!

We had a fantastic selection of applicants from 14 different countries submit their proposals for bringing parallelism to their undergraduate classrooms.

$1,500 Microgrant
Dr. David Valentine from Slippery Rock University, USA for his proposal Making Parallelism "Nifty."

Dr. Valentine will beapplying an investigative model used with Intel Parallel Studios to some of the ACM SIGCSE Nifty assignments. This will generate an educational "package" showing how to parallelize the Nifty assignments.

$1,000 Microgrant
Dr. Bernd Burgstaller, Yonsei University, South Korea for his proposal From Cells to Sandy Bridges.
Dr. Burgstallerwill be replacing material on the Cell BE with state-of-the-art OpenCL GPGPU computing on Sandybridge. As a result of his experiments he expects to be able to offer12 hoursof introductory lectures on architecture, memory hierarchies and data-parallel GPU programming paradigms, plus 3 GPU programming assignments and one combined CPU/GPU programming assignment.

$500 Microgrant
Dr. Jose Luis Guisado, University of Seville, Spain for his promposal Performance study of a parallel Monte Carlo algorithm to compute PI on manycore
Dr. Guisado will be introducing parallelism to his studentsusing the Intel Manycore Testing Lab. First, he'll develop a parallel version of a Monte Carlo algorithm and then the class will evaluate the performance and scalability of their parallel application.

All 9 Winners are listed here with their projects... Check them out!

Don't miss your chance to gain some support for your efforts to bring parallelism to your students.
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Final results are posted on the Microgrant Awards Homepage. More microgrants coming Sept. 1, 2011!

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Congratulations for the winners!;-)

Congratulations !!!!

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