Awards for Parallelism

Awards for Parallelism

This Thread is to discuss our new Microgrant Awards for Parallelism Cours Materials. Intel is sponsoringcash awards to encourage the creation of teaching content, including tools, games, labs, demonstrations and other examples that can be used in the classroom to introduce parallel programming concepts into computer science, computational sciences, and other science and math courses at many levels.

Find out how to gethelp to support the creation, publication, or dissemination of your course materials. Grants from USD $500-$1500 will be available through June 2011. Apply early for the best chance to get your grant.More information and entry.

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So suppose I've written some course material that I think would suit this contest. The fine print says that I'm giving Intel the right to create derivative works. Does that mean that they are allowed to publish my materials, putting themselves as authors on it and omit mention of me?V.

Great question and very reasonable to ask. We don't do that.
The material you submit will get published on our website and anywhere else we publish it, you will be given full credit for the content. If we were to use your material for any other reason, eg. for a workshop or class, we'd do our bestto get your express permissionfirst for that specific use, and would always give proper credit for the materials. If we wanted to change your materials, for whatever reason, we'd also check back with you for your permission,regardless of the legalese on the site that protectsus from unwitting mistakes.
You do need to be aware that because all the content that goes on the Educational Exchange does so under Creative Commons, and we don't have complete control over others actions; others may download your materials and change them. Hope this helps!

Jennifer Teal Levine
Academic Marketing Manager

Intel Academic Community Marketing

Jennifer,thanks for the clarification. I would indeed expect Intel to do the right thing. Now, you reserve the right to make derivative works, but for the rest only say that the works will be released under CC. There are six CC licenses. Can I stipulate a ND (no derivatives) clause for the work as you upload it to your Educational Exchange? I looked at that site and couldn't find under what variant of CC the materials are published.Victor.

We use CC 2.5, here: however if I understand your concern correctly, there is still no way we can ensure that members of ISN won't create derivatives. In fact, based on the sharing premise of the Educational Exchange, it is fairly likely that they will.
That said, I'd recommend that you dont ever postanything that is sensitive with regards to IT on an external site, and specific to this award,you might consider using an exemplar derived from your primary work, rather than your primary work itself.
Finally, the actual Award application requires an abstract or description, not your final course materials, so you can still apply for the awards w/o necessarily sharing your materials. If you are selected then we can work with you to find materials that you'd be comfortable sharing. Again, we appreciate the participation!
Jen Teal Levine

Intel Academic Community Marketing

Hello! I am from Russia. Our project was created by two students under
the guidance of professor, tell me, as the registration point of the two
authors? Sorry, my english is too bad.

Hi Pavel. Please feel free to submit your entry to the awards page -- is a space on the page for sponsoring professor name. If you include that, you should be fine.Choose one student name to put into the form. You can include other names in the description fields on the pageThank you and best of luck,Paul SteinbergIntel Academic Community manager

Just a reminder... Applications for Round 2 of the Academic Community Microgrant Awards are due May 4! This is a great opportunity to get some cash to support your ideas for integrating parallelism into your classroom! The entry form is very simple and a well presented plan has a very good chance of winning one of the three grants offered. Enter now and you application is good for Round 3 as well.
Good luck!

Jen Teal Levine
Academic Community Marketing

Intel Academic Community Marketing

And Round Three is now open ;-) Hurry, this is the last round of the first phase of the microgrants.
Paul SteinbergIntel Academic Community Manager

Only one week left to get in your application for a grant to support your work in parallelism! The opportunity formicrogrant awards will close June 1, 2011 at midnight PDT. Take a look at our first six winners,review the tips for creating a high scoring entry, and get your idea or a description of a current course module, lab, exercise, to us right away! Good Luck!

Find out more!

Jen Teal Levine
Intel Academic Marketing

Intel Academic Community Marketing

Our final winners have all been posted and their content is starting to come into the Educational Exchange!
Take a look at the proposals and let us know what you think.

Due to the great response to the program we're working on setting a regular fund to keep microgrants available to academics. Do you have course materials that introduce concepts of parallelism for Design Patterns, Data Structures, and/or Algorithms? We'll be launch another Request for Proposals September 1, 2011, so start thinking about it now and be sure to look for the announcements!

Thanks for all your participation!

Jen Teal Levine
Intel Academic Marketing

Intel Academic Community Marketing

can i find the complete set of the materials presented to strenghthen my absorption of the topic and find my way to creation?

A kind of good move towards enriching parallel programming from academic sid.

I am independent researcher who is developing alternative algorithms for achieving high degrees of parallelism.Will my work qualify for consideration?If yes,where should I submit a proposal?

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