Problem with Vtune GUI Interface

Problem with Vtune GUI Interface

Hi All,
I am trying to use the intel Vtune Amplifier XE. The GUI interface shows up just fine using Xforwarding, but it is way too slow to work. I wonder if there is anything that can be done about it and if it is the case with everyone or just me. I tried from home (20Mbps connection) and from school but the results were the same. I also tried from Windows as well as Mac, but the results did not change. The GUI is way too slow for one to work. When I connect to our own HPC cluster (here at school) the speed is just fine. Also, for the VTunes performance analyzer the GUI throws an error" The EntireX (aka 'ntd') service is not running. Can someone please look into it? Thanks.FYI, I use putty and Xming on windows, and for Mac it has inbuilt x-forwarding support that I used.

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Let me start with the easier problem fix - we had a power outage earlier this week and the ntd daemon didn't get started. It has now. Thanks for letting us know.

Now the harder problem; Vtune Amplifier XE response time...
I have afew of suggestions:
1) we could remove the VPN tunnel from the loop, i.e. we can give you a direct connection to the MTL.
2) try to use VNC for the X client, we have seen in the past that VNC performs better than Xming. There are detailed steps how to configure VNC on this forum.
3) run VTune Ampilfier XEon your local machine.

Please let us know if you're able to get a better response with #2, and if not then we'll need your IP address to enable a direct connection.

Finally 1 & 2 may not meet your needs as far as response time, that being that case you might like to obtain a trial license of VTune Amplifier XP and run it on your own machine. The MTL is not well suited for running GUI applications or tools remotely.

Dear Mike,Thank you for your reply. I have it installed on our HPC cluster, and I am playing with it now. The timeline view is very promising for quick yet detailed analysis.Regards,

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