SC10 Student Programming Contest

SC10 Student Programming Contest

I was just talking to the organizer of the SC10 student competition and they're still looking for teams to compete.
Some exciting new additions to this year's competition-- one of which is the inclusion of the Intel Manycore Testing Lab-- and the head of the Lab, Dr. Mike Pearce will be onsite in New Orlean's to work with the students!
If you're not familiar with it: "the SC10 Education Program Student Programming Contest is a competitive programming event held at the SC10 conference in New Orleans, Louisiana where the student contestants will test their ability to solve a series of Computational Science problems. Each problem has the potential to come from any of the major scientific disciplines and is almost guaranteed to require some level of programming. This contest provides an excellent experience for students hoping to enter the fields of High Performance and Scientific Computing while being in the midst of the largest annual conference for the field." Get more information on the competition including how to register here on the SC10 website

Learn more aboutthe Intel Academic Community at SC10 including how you can get virtual coverage of the event!

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