Summer Courses, where to find them?

Summer Courses, where to find them?

Hi there,I've got my BA in Computing Engineering (most software and a bit of hardware) last year and was looking on 1 to 4 week classes to improve my parallelism skills.During my graduation I had lots of low-level parallelism (caching, pipelining, reorder buffers and etc) but almost none on high level threading and alike). And now felt in love with multi-core programming and how to introduce it in our daily programming.The only awesome initiative I found wasSummer School for Parallel Programming at University of Illinois U-C you guys know about other schools having short-term open enrollmentcourses like this one?I've been looking around for a while and really found only this one. I might take that course hoping they will have it again in 2011.Thanks a lot

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Hi Hernan,Here's one more, offered by our friends at the UC Berkeley ParLab:

Short Course on Parallel Programming
Dates: August 16-18, 2010
Times: TBD
Location: Wheeler Auditorium, University of California at Berkeley

I was involved in the 2009 edition, and can vouch (strongly) for the excellence of the teachers (mostly Berkeley profs) and the content.Good luck with your parallelism studies!cheers,Michael

best of luck wiith your studies....

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