Does Intel has any academic license for BIOS and/or motherboard?

Does Intel has any academic license for BIOS and/or motherboard?

Hi there,

I am a PhD student at a university in USA. I am working
on a research project and wonder if I can buy the source code and/or the
developing tools for the PC BIOS.

I also want to know how to get those documentations about CPU, or BIOS writer's guide from Intel. I know I need to sign a NDA for that, and that is OK for me.

Intel has a Tianocore which is a open source implementation for UEFI. However, it is just a framework and does not contain any hardware specific code. Therefore, I cannot put it on any real hardware. Is there any open or academic versions of a full BIOS (or UEFI) for any destktop or server motherboard?

If there is
any academic license for universities, how to get it? I am working with professors at the
university and have their permission to buy the software if necessary. Also,
please let me know the prices for the source code and/or the developing tools (in
academic license or commercial license). Currently, we are not targeting to a
specific model of the motherboard and may buy a new normal PC (desktop, workstation or
server) if necessary.

If my description is not clear, please let me know and I am
willing to further discuss it. Thanks.

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Thanks for your question.

Aubrey W.
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Thanks. I was searching all around for the design forums.

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