Imagine Cup USA 2010 and USC

Imagine Cup USA 2010 and USC

Hi,A group of my students at USC were top 10 finalists to the Microsoft Imagine Cup USA 2010 held at Washington DC this last April. Team Cosmopolis presented their game to judges and VIP guests including Avatar Director James Cameron and Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie among others.For more information about the cup checkout:

Cosmopolis is an online multiplayer simulation game where
you take on the role of a UN aid worker. You are deployed to a nation that is
facing a post-war crisis. The infrastructure is damaged and the land is riddled
with mines. Your goal is to help the residents of the nation to rebuild the
city and make it a safer place to live.

The vision behind Cosmopolis is as follows:

1. Become
aware of the UN Millennium Development Goals and the challenges faced by
millions of people in your world

2. Join
players from around the world to help rebuild cities that have various needs
and learn the different ways you can help

3. Cooperate
and compete with other players demining and coordinating the various objectives

4. As
you complete world-level game objectives like achieving global partnerships our
sponsors donate to real world organizations that work towards making the MDG a

For videos about the game checkout:
USC Game team members include:Bjarni Thor Arnason,Balakrishnan Ranganathan and MarcSpraragen.

Art and animation was created and produced by Atlantic Collge in San Juan Puerto Rico and directed by Fernando Montilla. Art team members include: Daniel Archilla, Gabriel Garcia, Reynaldo Aponte, Miguel Ortiz, Alex Carrasquillo and Francisco Rosario.

Special thanks to USC GamePipe Labs Director Michael Zyda and Atlantic College VP of Technology and Marketing Heri Martinez de Dios.

Trojans, Fight On!
Professor Jose VilletaTeam MentorUSC GamePipe LaboratoriesDepartment of Computer Science

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