Improving needed: Course Material Repository

Improving needed: Course Material Repository


The table at the Intel Academic Community: Parallelism Course Material Repository ( needs some modifications to improve readability.

Some ideas:
1. The name of the categories should be separated words, not AdvancedAnalysis but Advanced Analysis.
2. The rows need lines to simplify making the connection between the category name and the number of courses available.
3. A column title is needed to understand what the number at the right end means.
4. A zero (0) should be included when no courses are available (for example, in ParallelComputation)
5. It could be good to have separate numbers for Intel's courses and other sources' courses.



Ricardo Medel
Argentina Software Design Center
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Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the great suggestions. The Course Repository is a work in progress, we will be rolling change in as we build.

Your ideas.
1. The run on words reflect the method used by the ACM in their curriculum reccomendation categories. There was some internal debate rather to sperate or use as they do. (hint- I was for speration). I welcome this suggestion.
2. Lines are a good idea as well
3. ditto
4. Not sure how Moodle handles numbering, we'll consider this.
5. Not sure If I agree with this. Why do you think it is important to differentiate?

Thanks and keep letting us know how to serve the community better.


Paul Steinberg

About (5):

Why I want differentiate Intel's from other sources courses?

Because I have this tendency to rely more on Intel courses since they have a kind of "standard" quality (while the others' quality vary widely) and I know the courses are uploaded in this website (I don't like to wander around the web looking for courseware from courses that maybe even don't exist any longer).

But it could be just me. That's why is listed 5, it's the less important point. :)


Ricardo Medel
Argentina Software Design Center

Thanks for sharing this point !!

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