Wimax 5153 firmware support needed

Wimax 5153 firmware support needed


I am a graduate student in Computer Science. We are working on academic project, which involves wimax network. So I am planning to explore more on adhoc network and wimax protocol stack.
I was hoping if anyone can route me to the right point of contact at Intel. In order to explore the firmware and may be modified version of firmware which will give me bit more control over the underlying protocol.

Thanks in advance,

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Unfortunately, you are not allow to modify the firmware. From the wimaxlinux FAQ:

Why don't you allow modification and re-engineering of the binaries?

To operate a radio device, the hardware/firmware combination needs to be FCC (and equivalent in other countries) certified; this excludes end user modification which would void the certification.

Source: http://www.linuxwimax.org/FAQ

Kind regards

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, I understand the frequency bands restrictions. How about Intel providing separate firmware binaries with "adhoc mode" support ? Like in Wifi there is a mode in driver which allows users to connect to peer nodes without having wireless router.

May be on official non-support terms and academic purposes. Because you see, to
develop applications on Wimax network is not handy for developers then.


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