Intel Manycore Testing Lab for academia- Get early access!

Intel Manycore Testing Lab for academia- Get early access!

We have a designated forum for the Intel Manycore Testing Lab, however I wanted to be sure that Academic Community followers have heard about this new opportunity and could find the pages.

The Manycore Testing Lab will give members of the Academic Community access to a 32-core development environment with the very latest hardware and software technologies. It is a free, appointment-based service that you can bring directly into your classrooms to allow student access. Test and validate the scalability of your labs, give your students hands-on experience in a manycore environment, and help advance computational sciences by publishing your results with Intel.

For more information on how to sign-up please check out the Manycore Testing Lab homepage.

Want early access to the Manycore Testing Lab? Enter (or get your students to enter) the 32 Core Testing Plan Contest. Five individuals or teams will be selected to be among the first "Testers" -with the bonus of Intel engineering and marketing support to ensure that your Test is a success!

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