Getting Smoke Demo working under Windows 7, 64-bit and VS2008

Getting Smoke Demo working under Windows 7, 64-bit and VS2008


Here're my notes to get Smoke demo working under Windows 7. 64-bit and VS2008.

1. Using src 1.2 version has already VS9 solutions in place and release version works almost out of package.

2. Need to repoint to latest DirectX SDK both includes and libsfolders as needed across all projects.

3. To get debug version linking needed toset INCREMENTAL to NO instead of YES as is defaulted on some of the projects.

4. On debug version got a lot of warnings due to missing VC90.pdb file for OgreMain for 3 of the libs on it. Nevertheless was able to run game on debug.

5. The profile version does not build as is. Needs repathing for VTUNEinclude and libs as well. On 64bit OS you need to point to the x86 Program files path vs Program Files path. The include I pointed to tprofile\\include folder. The lib I pointed to analyzer\\lib folder. Is that correct?

6.The following profile version errors relate to VTUNE tprofile__ITT_EVENT_START and __ITT_EVENT_END.

Error 5 error C2101: '&' on constant l:\\usc\\gha\\parallelarchitectureforgames\\smoke\\code\\src\\systemai\\scene.cpp 328 SystemAI

These errors are fixed by adding PROFILE_AI as second argument on these events start and end as it's done on other calls.

7. After fixing all the build errors when launching the app it crashes on load with the following error.

Any suggestions on how to fix the profile version?

Professor Jose Villeta

USC GamePipe Labs

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Thread Profiler doesn't run right on Windows 7. :-( FWIW, we're previewing a new thread tool next week at GDC, using the Smokecode. Come join our tutorial on Wednesday at GDC, and try it out!

Thanks for the other notes, we'll update the build for the next release.


Hi Paul,

We were able to run VTUNE and Thread Profiler on Destroy Castle demo already on Windows 7.

Any ideas? It was not a profile version though.

Also, is the new Tool related to Intel Parallel Studio which we are teaching our students already?

Can I get the details of the GDC talk so I can stop by?

See you there.


Sure, build errors must be removed first, still it is showing run time error, we can also work on castle demo, its true that profiler doesn't run on Windows 7, may we get next version soon to resolve this problem

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