Poll: Comfortable feedback channel for courses

Poll: Comfortable feedback channel for courses

Along with the release of multi-core platforms, we've been cooperating with world wide training forces to bring the ever high end programming skills on parallel programming to the major developer community. And through years of efforts, we are glad to find there are 1000 universities in the world are now teaching parallel programming in their curricula and some classes are even endorsed by the education authority as model classes. HOWEVER, in addition to our ever lasting pumping educational materials to the community, we are always concerned about feedback mechanism for the content. We really would like to know what the real needs are from the faculty in their adaption to the new technologies.

In the content delivery format of instructor led training or faculty workshop, feedback were easy to collect because of the live and face to face nature. But for the more scalable format of knowledge sharing like online, we hardly received direct comments or feedbacks. However, to broaden the acceptance of new technology like multi-core programming, online community is one important facility. So I'd set up a survey as followed, for the world wide audience to vote for the favorate or most comfortable feedback channel for course contents. Your simple reply with your choice or new format suggestion will help make a more communicative education community.

  1. Academic forum post and discussion threads
  2. Wiki articles open to faculty editing
  3. Specific courses management system with feedback capability
  4. Others (please name your suggestion)
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I wonder if a web-based feedback tool tied to the Academic Community and the specific content downloaded could be used. Whenever I buy something from Amazon.com, they send me an email about a month later to see if I'd like to rate the product.

A gentle reminder with an includedlink back to the specific courseware rating page or something similar might be easy enough for downloaders to take 2 minutes to fill out 3-4 quick questions on what they thought aboutthe content and where they plan to use it.


Do you have some material for share?


Jess Ambriz

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