Land of the "free?"

Land of the "free?"

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, The Cheating Game, By Carolyn Kleiner and Mary Lord

Everyones doing it, from grade school to graduate school

An online article recently came to my attention at U.S. News and World Report, in their article The Cheating Game, by Carolyn Kliener and Mary Lord, where it is reported thatcheating in the public schools is and has beenincreasing at fairly meteoric rates. Note that the survey data that this report was based on is from 1999, almost 10 years ago. Whether the students are being honest about their cheating when asked, or, if they are actually being caught at it, the phrase tip of the iceberg leaps to mind.

The article reports one interesting scam where a California man sold stored answer lists (in data-holding pencils) to hundreds of students taking graduate school (!) entrance exams, charging up to a 5-digit fee each for his trouble. In this particular scam, ringers (people who take the test merely to capture its contents, not to pass it) sat in on the test in New York, and then phoned the results across the country taking advantage of the 3-hour difference in time zones.

Not your grandparents crib sheet, eh?

U.S. News further reported the results of its own exclusive poll on cheating, and the results are fairly shocking, at least to my eyes:

  • 84% of college students believe they need to cheat to get ahead in the world today
  • 90% of college students say cheaters never pay the price
  • 90% say when people see someone else cheating, they dont turn him in
  • 63% of college students says its fair for parents to help with their kids homework
  • 20% of adults think its fair to do that homework
  • Sudents say the following make them cheat:

40% parental pressure

40% peer pressure

31% the availability of new technology

  • Over 90% of college students say politicians cheat often (and when asked who else cheats, 90% reported high schoolers and the media)

In polls some students admit confusion about not knowing when taking information from the internet qualifies as research, and, when it is simply just plagiarism.

Perhaps almost as strikingly: 51% of high school students said that they believed cheating was not wrong; and 95% of cheating high school students say they have yet to be caught.

I recommend you check out the whole article. Deep breath:

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Seems like the education system is collapsing over there.

That is worrying!

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