Dirty Rotten Cheaters in the News, Summer 2008

Dirty Rotten Cheaters in the News, Summer 2008

Not for profit cheating? Or humanitarian of the year?

A web site called postyourtest.com is active now in the San Diego area. Its owner, while suggesting he doesnt encourage cheating, does encourage students to post their old exams on the site so they can serve as study aids to interested current students.

The site owner further claims to have about 500 exams posted currently, mostly from the San Diego area. The twist here? He is not charging, and this puts his web site squarely in the not-for-profit arena. (Im also guessing that the answers to the exam items are not posted: just the items themselves.)

For me personally the issue is always the same: its one thing to post exams after a professor says you may do so. Its quite another if you do it without either assuring or acquiring that explicit permission. Who owns a released exam?

It seems that, for students who may have paid money to unethical exam intellectual property web sites, that this free site could -- Im guessing create some ill will, to say the least (depending on results). Further, it seems likely that any professor whos awake will begin to structure their classes so that this exposure of old exam items will not signify, rendering all the activity surrounding it useless.

Is cheating really becoming as grey as all this seems to indicate? Can you cheat cheaters, and do they have a recourse? Should cheaters influence not only their fellow students, but also, the instructors? If so, how much?

We live in interesting times!


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Lets face it — it has been done before between students. Internet is just a new medium.


Can you cheat cheaters, and do they have a recourse?

This sounds like the old situation where criminals try to cheat each other. For example, selling baby powder as cocaine. Highly profitable to those doing the cheating until they wake up sleeping with the fishes. Of course, you always hear about the stupid criminal who makes a police report about being cheated during the course of his own criminal activity. I suppose we can expect legal suits being filed against test banks or paper depositories if the grades promised aren't delivered to the cheater. :-)


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