C++ and Fortran Pro Edition Compilers vs Sofware Development Suite Student Edition

C++ and Fortran Pro Edition Compilers vs Sofware Development Suite Student Edition


I'm a grad student and need to get C++ and Fortran compilers to be used with OpenMP
parallelization for Mac OS X. Is there a difference, besides in price,
between buying the Intel C++ and Fortran Pro edition compilers and the
Intel Sofware Development Suite Student Edition?

I read that the Standard Edition of the C++ compiler does not include
the multi-threading libraries. Are all of the necessary libraries then
included in the Intel TBB for OpenMP?


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As far as I know, the only difference to look for is whether MKL performance library is included with the Student Edition, as it is with Fortran Pro and future standard C++, should you be interested in MKL. Both C++ and Fortran include the OpenMP and Cluster OpenMP libraries. C++ OpenMP or Windows threading depend also on libraries provided by Visual Studio, where I believe there is an attractive student deal. VS Express may not provide those libraries. For Fortran Pro, those libraries are provided in the PPE option. Of course, on linux, pthread libraries are included gratis. TBB includes all libraries it requires, besides those provided by the OS (Windows+VS, or linux).

The Student Suite includes all of the tools available for the OS and does include IPP, TBB and MKL. The Pro Editions of the compilers are named as such for the inclusion of these libraries. If you need more assistance Intel has an academic page http://www3.Intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/219603.htm

and email link academicdevelopersinfo@intel.com


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