About registers in i7

About registers in i7

Hello, I'm a student and this semester I'm learning Computer Architecture. Well, I don't know if my question is supposed to be answered here, but I apologize if it is not.

Well, I'd like to know the number of register that the processor i7 has. I've been searching but until now I didn't find much. I'm reading the datasheet of i7-900 vol 2 and trying to find out. There're descriptions of some registers, but how about the overall quantity of registers? I'm quite unsure yet, but I'll keep reading.

If anyone knows something, I'd be pleased to receive a comment or an answer about it.

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The Intel Core i7 processors have 8 registers in 32-bit mode and 16 registers in 64-bit mode. You can find this information in the Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manuals Volume 1 (Basic architecture).

It might also be interesting to know that these registers are mapped internally by the out-of-order engine to different registers.

Yep those are architectural registers which are mapped t more larger set of physical registers.

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