Measuring power on a motherboard

Measuring power on a motherboard

Hi! I'm a electrical engineering student and want measuring the power of the components on a motherboard. So, I'm looking for a schematic or something that show me where which components are conect. I don't have a specific intel motherboard to do this, if I get some schematic will seek the board he shall belong. Another question, how could I a buy a Intel developer motherboard?

Thanks a lot.

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I cannot answer your question directly, but you can study Intel chipst documentation.

You want power rating of components or power consumed during running?

To find power rating:

find the manual of chipset.Then find manual of the particular component.

To find power consumed during running:

You need to specify the chipset.Once you focus on a particular chipset,find its documentation or manual from intel.Get a multimeter and find your readings...and you are done.However how have specific software which can measure power consumed by particular components.So you either go by the hardware approach or software approach.

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