Where is the support forum for Parallel Studio XE

Where is the support forum for Parallel Studio XE


1.I'm running out of space on my computer. Intel has a lot products on my computer that have numerous version? Can I uninstall them?

2.Also, where is the forum for Parallel Studio?


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Hi George,
Firstly, our sincere apologies for the delay in the response due to missed alert of this post to the product team.  That said, yes you can go ahead and uninstall those versions of the product you don't need and keep only the latest version.  All related product sub components of the main parallel studio product will be automatically uninstalled as well. 

Additionally you can find the forums of specific products at: https://software.intel.com/en-us/forum 
Note that in the link above you'll find specific forums for individual components such as C/C++ compiler, VTune* Analyzer, Inspector and such including Intel(R) System Studio. But, there's no specific Parallel Studio forum per-se. You can post your questions to the specific sub component forum of the parallel studio product that you'll find in  the above link I mentioned. 

Hope the above helps although the response was delayed :-(



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