Advisor XE GUI support for 32 bit

Advisor XE GUI support for 32 bit

I’m using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 on a 32bit VM machine on my laptop. But the advisor XE does not have GUI support for 32 bit.

# ls /opt/intel/advisor_xe_2013/bin32/

advixe-cl  advixe-feedback  advixe-runss  advixe-runtc  dicer_transform_helper2  libadvixe_pythonhelpers_embed_1.5.a  pin  pinbin

# ls /opt/intel/advisor_xe_2013/bin64/

advixe-cl        advixe-gui    advixe-runtc  dicer_transform_helper2             libadvixe_pythonhelpers_embed_1.5.a  pinbin

advixe-feedback  advixe-runss  crashreport   libadvixe_discdialogs_common_1.0.a  pin                        


Does any old version of Advisor support GUI on 32 bit OS?

Thanks in advance

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All versions of Advisor XE do support 32 bits GUI on both Linux and Windows.

However, 32b Linux GUI is only installed if target OS is 32 bits Linux

On Linux x86 we only have

  • bin32 folder, which has 32 bits GUI and 32 bits CL stuff.

On Linux x86_64 we have:

  • bin32 folder, which doesn’t have GUI by some install optimization policies reasons (only 32bit CL stuff is here)
  • bin64 folder,  which has 64 bits GUI and 64 bits CL stuff.


So, if the install was done asLinux32, then 32 bit GUI should be in place.



There are a couple of possibilities, to sort out the problem, could you send us:

  • exact versions of laptop OS and VM OS;
  • Advisor Update version;
  • description of how and from what OS Advisor XE installation was run.


Thanks, let's get you going on this.




Ok got it. I've copied Advisor XE folder, which is installed on a Linux x86_64 system to a 32 bit Linux VM. I'll re-install it, then should work

(I'm assuming you mean the tar ball, or at least an installable package).


Let me know how it works either way.


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