search-dir symbols on linux

search-dir symbols on linux

For command line

-search-dir  sym:

-search-dir bin:

On linux, since the symbolic info is in the object files, sym and bin searches are the same path, correct?  I would guess sym is only useful on Windows where the PDB sybolic info files are separate from the object files, correct?

or do I misunderstand:  is 'bin' for the executable and 'sym' for the object files?  Or does 'bin' mean executable, shared objects, .o object files?

I guess the question is "on linux, what does bin include and what does sym include"?

well I guess there is are new dwarf options to split out symbolic info from the object files, but not many folks are using that currently.


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The options have the same functionality on Linux* as they do on Windows*.  We try to keep the command line options the same across operating systems.

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