how to view the source code with report from advixe-cl

how to view the source code with report from advixe-cl

Hi, Intel technician,

I am currently using advixe-cl instead of advixe-gui and have produced the text report of survey. However, I cannot view the  Fortran source codes corresponding to the advise given in the text  SURVEY report.  Under Windows, I can view source codes. Under Linux, how can I view the Fortran source codes?  of course, options -g, -O3, -simd, -vec, and -qopenmp have been used while building imex.exe with 2017 intel Frotran compiler.

The followings are the commands I used.

advixe-cl -collect survey -project-dir ./advi2 -search-dir src:=./src  -- ./src/imex.exe -f ~/data7/mx1041x105x10_1.dat   -log -jacdoms 32 -parasol 32 -o mx1041x105x10_linux_imexadv2_1job32cores_static_compact0_commonelinetest2
advixe-cl -report survey --project-dir ./advi2  -search-dir src:=./src  -format=text -report-output ./out/survey6.txt
advixe-cl -report survey --project-dir ./advi2  -search-dir src:=./src  -format=csv  -report-output ./out/survey6.csv
advixe-cl -report survey --project-dir ./advi2  -search-dir src:=./src  -format=xml -report-output ./out/survey6.xml

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,



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The survey report gives you the location in your code.  Simply open this in your preferred text editor.


If you open up your project "advi2" in Advisor

Then open "Project Properties" ... Click on the "Source Search" tab

Then add the directory where you source is located

Let us know if you have any questions


To clarify on both of our comments.  Using the command line you will not be able to see the source code from Advisor.  You can either use your text editor of choice or use the Advisor GUI.  You can copy results from your Linux* system to your Windows* system if you want to view there.

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