Advisor crash at startup

Advisor crash at startup

Advisor crashes immediately at startup.

Already opened bug report, which was closed next working day stating "In order to receive the correct assistance for the issue you are facing, please contact our software support directly." and then a link to this forum. 

Please advise how you prefer bug reports. 

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How did you previously file your bug report? Was it through Intel Premier Report? Or was it through e-mail? Can you attach your email to this issue? (if this was how you filed)



 I have just been advised that "we are working on transferring our software tools support to a new system, and your issue was incorrectly addressed". What happened apparently is that my case about the Advisor somehow ended up with the Hardware team, and since the first communication did not actually say the support is being closed due to it not being a hardware issue I was quite confused. I submitted through the webpage; we do have premier support, I'm not sure how I reached the issue report page though. 

 All looks on track, many thanks.

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