Roofline performance analysis for xeon-phi

Roofline performance analysis for xeon-phi

How can I perform the new roofline performance analysis on a remote xeon-phi MIC card through GUI or commandline?

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Hi Saumya,

Here is our getting started guide:

Let us know if you have any further questions!



Hello Kevin, thank you for this documentation. But I had gone through it. I was able to find the roofline performance model for my program on

host system using this document.

But, how to find the same for a program running on a remote Xeon-phi MIC? Is there some option through which we could specify the target


Soumya B.

I have the same desire - I want to run Advisor XE roofline on Intel Xeon Phi.    I am running on Intel Xeon Phi (KNL) intel mpi with 128 mpi ranks.  The systems I use only have batch submitting interface so I need to use command line interface.  Through previous experience I learned Advisor XE only works for MPI rank 0.   I found this intel article answers our questions ( I found your question first - but I kept looking until I found this other document and thought I would post the link for anyone coming across your question first like I did).

So I will have to submit two batch jobs - first collect advisor xe survey for rank 0, then collect advisor xe trip-counts/flops for rank 0.  Then we should be able to get our data for roofline analysis. I will be submitting jobs today to try this.

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